19. October 2020

The real focus of waterfront homes

£100m sustainable residential development at Trent Basin features Sunparadise Winter Gardens along the waterfront, following a recommendation and site visit to an existing installation

Image courtesy Blueprint


Trent Basin is the £100 million sustainable residential development, which is part of the 250-acre Waterside regeneration area located along the banks of the River Trent. It is central to Nottingham City Council’s vision to develop new and connected neighbourhoods along the river while preserving wildlife habitats and creating new green, communal spaces.

Blueprint is a multi award-winning developer specialising in the delivery of sustainable homes and workspaces and is managed by igloo, the UK’s leading responsible real estate business.  Blueprint comprises an innovative public private partnership between Nottingham City Council and Places for People Capital.



Pete Conboy is Development Director at Blueprint:” The waterfront homes on Phase 2 at Trent Basin, look directly over the riverbank and showcase the development’s unique location. These three storey homes have been carefully designed to integrate with the riverside environment, its views, wildlife and lifestyle. To enhance that, we had to look at maximising the utility of the outdoor space year round with an all-weather solution. The Winter Gardens provide this, with sliding windows that create an effect of a conservatory in the sky for winter and a balcony for the summer - a perfect solution for all seasons.”

The idea for the Winter Gardens came to life for us when we began to research possible glazing solutions and options. A recommendation led us to Sunparadise and when we were able to see the quality of the products, in situ, at another development, we were able to push the button to realise our objective. The Winter Gardens remain a real focus of our waterfront homes and have proved to be a successful and unique selling point.”

Our unique system WD100 was the perfect solution to fulfill all the requirements of this waterfront location and we are extremely pleased to be associated with this successful development.  

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 The rebranding of Windoor UK Limited
31. January 2020

The rebranding of Windoor UK Limited

From 1st March 2020 Windoor UK Limited will be known as Sunparadise Systems Ltd. We have taken the decision to rebrand our balconies, wintergardens and sunspaces after expanding our product offering.

From 1st March 2020 Windoor UK Limited will be known as Sunparadise Systems Ltd.  We have taken the decision to rebrand our balconies, wintergardens and sunspaces after expanding our product offering. 


These exciting new ranges and our existing balcony systems will continue to be designed and developed by the same dedicated team and manufactured at our same factory, whereby ensuring that the reputation of consistently top quality production and timely deliveries, that all the team at Windoor work so hard to maintain, will remain under our new brand name  In the short term, we will dual brand to ensure those values are recognised and associated with  our new name. 


As Sunparadise, we continue to be part of the Wingroup family who operate with strong corporate values.  Customer focus and customer satisfaction are at the centre of everything we do; the only thing that is changing is our name 


Our full range of products can still be viewed here over the coming months.  We will announce details of our exciting new website, including these new ranges,  in the near future. 

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12. November 2019

Building a Better Nottingham

Transforming peoples lives across the City, the renovation of Winchester and Woodthorpe Courts is the latest Nottingham City Homes project to benefit from this programme.

The two blocks of Winchester and Woodthorpe Courts have been refurbished by Nottingham City Homes for Nottingham City Council.  The renovated apartment blocks are unrecognisable from their former selves and one only has to look at the newly renovated balcony spaces to see how well used they are, transforming the space and the lives of the residents who live there. 


Designed by HLP Design, the buildings have been transformed into sustainable energy efficient homes and with the creation of the more useable private amenity space not only have they increased the value of the housing stock, but with the creation of this secondary façade, the primary façade behind it is protected from the elements, adding value by reducing maintenance costs.  The 176 Windoor System 1000 balcony enclosures were installed by McKean Developments, who worked alongside Willmott Dixon to realise this stunning development.

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 Beech Gardens is a RIBA Award Winner
31. July 2019

Beech Gardens is a RIBA Award Winner

Congratulations to K4 Architects for securing the prestigious RIBA Regional Award for the stunning development Beech Gardens featuring Windoor Wintergardens

Designed by K4 Architects and built by Connexus, Beech Gardens is an Independent Living Scheme designed around the key principles of socialisation and community.  Elderly residents can enjoy their own Windoor Wintergarden which faces directly out onto a central community garden enabling independence and privacy yet enabling social interaction when preferred.

The new build development features 22 Windoor Wintergardens manufactured in our System 1000 Light; the frameless glazed system with slender powder coated aluminium profiles which maximises natural light influx and energy efficiency through natural solar gain.  The winter gardens can be fully enclosed with locking system; partially or fully opened to enjoy the fresh air.  The sliding, inward opening system is very easy to operate, whilst at the same time being safe and secure; the perfect balance for an extra care facility.

The project is the winner of the 2019 RIBA West Midlands Award and will now be put forward for the RIBA National Awards later in the year.  Bob Ghosh, Director of K4 Architects said "K4 are delighted that Beech Gardens is the winner of the RIBA Regional Award.  It's a privilege to have worked on this project and it's particularly rewarding to see how it's tangibly improved people's lives."

Image by Handover Agency

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12. June 2019

Stunning Barking Road benefits from WinGroup offering

By selecting Windoor, the Ash Properties project at Barking Road was able to benefit from the smooth installation of both Windoor railings and SunParadise glazing as one system, as they are both members of WinGroup

Windoor and SunParadise product features on the balconies at Barking Road.  Both comapnies are members of the WinGroup, meaning they can be installed along side each other and the products are complimentary in terms of quality, value and design.  It also means that our installers are experienced with both systems and therefore the quality of installation of the pre-fabricated products is second to none.

The frameless glazing on the 18 balcony enclosures is full height and from the SunParadise VG17 range.  They are toughened, sliding glazed panels which are installed to the outside of the WinRail balcony railings supplied by Windoor.  This gives a new dimension where from the outside the glazing forms an uninteruped facade, yet the balcony space is kept safe by the internal balustrade railing.

SunParadise systems can be installed alongside our Windoor system with ease, opening up a range of design possiblilities and functions.  You can find more informaiton on Sunparadise systems here https://www.sunparadise.com/en/



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14. June 2018

Housing 2018 Stand C4

As exhibitors once again at this years Housing 2018 in Manchester we would love to see you. Our Stand C4 is on the front row, to the left as you enter the Exhibition Hall.


Windoor will once again be exhibiting at Housing 2018 in Manchester.  We will be on Stand C4, at the front of the hall and slightly to the left as you enter.  We hope you will come and say hello and that we may answer any questions you have; we welcome you on our stand for specific enquiries or for a casual chat.  We will have our full size sample balcony on display which we encourage you to see and operate to fully appreciate the quality and ease of use of our unique system.

In addition, if you are looking for inspiration for a future project, Windoor have now installed over 7,500 balconies in the UK so we have a whole range of past project styles to show you, whether you are interested in new build or refurbishment.

We hope you have a successful show and look forward to seeing you.

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7. June 2018

Renovation Inspiration

With over 7500 Windoor balconies now installed in the UK we felt it was time to launch a new renovation brochure packed with images of amazing transformations of homes that have made a real difference to people's lives

Over 7500 Windoor balconies have been installed in the UK.  This has given us a large back catalogue of projects undertaken and therefore a wealth of photographic material to inspire you.  Last year we launched our Wintergardens and Sunspaces brochure which focused on new build projects with some stunning images..  It has been very popular.  This second complementary brochure Windoor Balconies Renovation not only features some amazing pictorial transformations but also includes an overview of the stages and processes involved in the regeneration programme of an area of Greater Manchester.   It is an informative article, particularly for those who may not have been involved in this type of refurbishment programme before and are considering the processes involved.

The Renovation brochure includes a real diversity of building styles; it demonstrates that no project is too large or too small for Windoor.  Whether high rise or low rise developments, single or multiple buildings, the design team at Windoor who partner with your own team will ensure you have the most appropriate end result, both in terms of design and functionality; the real benefit of using a truly bespoke system such as Windoor.

To order a paper copy of the brochure call 0870 067 8810 or use our order form  Alternatively you can view ipaper or download a copy of the pdf brochures here

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21. March 2018

Office to Homes Transformation

Redrow Homes’ Northway House, London, developed by RMA Architects, is transformed from tired run down 1960’s office block to modern and energy efficient high street homes

Northway House was originally built as a contemporary office block in the 1960’s. At the time, it was conceived as being at the forefront of construction and design, embracing new technologies in concrete and ribbon glazing systems. However, over the last two decades the building has fallen into a bad state of repair as the desire for large out of town office space has declined. The existing 13 storey building is located at the end of Whetstone High Street, creating a significant step up in height above the rest of the street scene and local context, which consists mainly of 3 storey buildings with retail at ground level, and residential and small office space above. The overall concept was born in 2012 when Redrow Homes acquired the site and started looking into the potential to rescue and reuse the existing building.


Fast forward to today and through a long and detailed planning process, we are now able to describe the completed scheme of 149 new homes at Northway House. This has been a comprehensive proposal addressing how we have approached the re use of an existing building. The existing building has been fully stripped back to the original concrete frame, insulated and then re-clad with a lightweight stone cladding. The outcome is a finely detailed refurbishment, reinvigorating the building and capturing the pristine character of the original building. This has been achieved by using a palette of extensive ribbon glazing to retain the original character, and stone cladding to refine the proportion of the elevations, and the incorporation of new balconies and winter gardens. We worked closely with Windoor to develop a winter garden design that fitted the overall architectural intention of the scheme for Northway House. The winter gardens were a requirement under the planning permission to provide good quality amenity space for new homes that had a good aspect, facing East but were overlooking a busy road that generated a lot of noise. The Winter gardens on the East elevation created generous, usable amenity and also fitted seamlessly into the elevation.


The system allows residents to use their outdoor amenity space all year round, so even in winter; the space provides a useful external area. In summer residents can easily fold open the sliding and or folding upper level panes to make the most of good weather. As the upper panes of the Windoor winter gardens are completely frameless, so living spaces don’t lose any daylight.


With many thanks to Laura McLaughlin, Director|Architect, RMA Architects, for writing this text.

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6. July 2017

Active Jake joins Windoor Team

Jake is a very active individual. We welcome him to our team at Windoor. To find out more about Jake select the link below.


We are delighted to welcome Jake Shapton to our team at Windoor.  Jake joins us with several years’ experience in Business Development Management within the construction sector and with a proven track record of consistent delivery he is perfect to join us in his new role as Sales Representative for Windoor UK Limited.


Driven by a desire for great customer service, Jake’s talent for positive client relationships and excellent communication skills sit well with our own ethos here at Windoor.  With sales experience ranging from highly technical products in the construction industry to specialist components in the renewables market, Jake understands the needs and processes in construction and specification.


With hobbies that include back country skiing, water skiing and coastal rock jumping Jake is clearly an active and well prepared individual who is not afraid of challenges; we have no doubt that he will become a very valued member of our team as our business continues to grow significantly here in the UK. 


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8. June 2017

Visit Windoor at CIH Stand C4

Our Stand C4 is right near the main entrance. Make some time to visit us, read full story for what we will have on show.

Our balcony concept has been embraced by both the public and private housing sectors.  Received extremely well and transforming buildings throughout the UK, CIH Manchester offers those who have yet to see our unique system to feel the quality and operate this unique system.  Visit us on stand C4, near the main entrance, where we will have a full size fully operationable sample balcony; handle it for yourself to understand the concept and appreciate the ease of operation.    Whether you have a new build or refurbishment project, have your own ideas or looking for inspiration we would welcome a few minutes of your time. Our comprehensive image portfolio features projects across all design styles and within a range of budgets which will help you visualise how our versatile system will enhance your future projects and make them a reality. Improve energy efficiency and enhance tenant lifestyle with a Windoor balcony.

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8. June 2017

WinGroup invest in new IT

A new ERP system has been rolled out throughout the WinGroup, including Windoor UK Limited here in our home market.  The system is designed to optimize workflow and reduce delivery times and has been developed as part of the 2020 growth strategy adopted by the Group last year.

A new ERP system has been rolled out throughout the WinGroup, including Windoor UK Limited here in our home market.  The system is designed to optimize workflow and reduce delivery times and has been developed as part of the 2020 growth strategy adopted by the Group last year.

At Group level, sales will increase to over £100m and we continue with our aspiration to achieve 100% satisfaction with Windoor on all projects.  “This new IT system optimises and integrates the way we work, uniting all countries in the WinGroup on the same platform and makes projections easier.  Data on products and orders becomes more accessible, making order management more streamlined.”  Anders Knutson, CEO.

John Baillie, Windoor UK Limited added “The number of manual data transfers falls significantly with the new system and it unifies our way of working which will reduce time, limit human error and eradicate double handling.  Our strategy is to double growth in the next four years and this new system allows us to increase process capacity and double our order intake.”

The new system went live in May after a development project lasting one year.  It is a complex system and has taken a huge commitment but will carry us well into the future to reach our objectives.

Alongside the new IT system, the Group have been working on the introduction of a 3D environment on the technical side.  This can be linked to the configuration programme that handles all specifications of the orders’ products against production.  We aim to simplify order procedures so that our stronger and more modern platform will allow partners to be able to place orders directly on the system.

For more than three decades Windoor have developed and produced our unique system and parts. We are the largest and most prolific provider of balcony enclosures in the UK.  Our balcony system is high quality and durable; yet remains cost effective.   We pride ourselves on good service and communication.  This recent significant investment in IT technology enables us to continue with our high aspirations and standards well into the future.

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 How to put a value on lifestyle by Windoor features in this month's LABM
10. April 2017

Windoor discuss value of Lifestyle in this month's LABM

Windoor discuss value of Lifestyle in this month's LABM. How do we put a value on lifestyle, what is the cost and payback and why should we make it a priority in future successful development and refurbishment programmes

Windoor were invited to submit an article for this month's Local Authority Building and Maintenance magazine incorporating HABM on the topical theme of 'How do we put a value on Lifestyle'.  Windoor are able to speak authoritatively on this topic due to the significant relevance of our system in terms of the well-being benefits.  With factual and subjective discussion the full article can be read below or viewed in this month's LABM Magazine. 


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 How to put a value on lifestyle by Windoor features in this month's LABM
14. March 2017

Quiet homes in Urban areas

Windoor balconies have been selected to achieve quiet homes in urban areas. The brief also asked for achievement of Scottish Silver sustainability level; the balcony enclosure has an effect on the energy calculations thus assisting in the meeting of this target

Designed by John Gilbert Architects (JGA) for Ayrshire Housing, the development’s main contractor was Ashleigh (Scotland) Ltd with McKean Developments Limited installing the Windoor system.  14 balcony enclosures were installed in this project, using the System 1000 Light option.
The upper part of the balcony system consists of sliding and folding glass whilst the lower part consists of slender powder-coated aluminium profiles.

Architect Matt Bridgestock of John Gilbert Architects, who have a long history of using Windoor balconies, having used them on projects in Fife, Glasgow and Moray previously commented  “For the Limonds Wynd project there were a couple of key issues that led us to propose using Windoor,” Matt explained. “Firstly the site is adjacent to a main road, and the Windoor system reduces sound transmission by 17db which helps us achieve quiet homes in urban areas. The site is also very tight and we successfully argued with the planners that the Windoor system contributes to the private outdoor amenity space which allowed us to maximise the number of units on the site.  The brief also asked for us to achieve Scottish Silver sustainability level. Whilst the energy saved by sunspaces is not accurately reflected in SAP calculations, it does have an effect on the energy calculations and assisted us meeting this target.”

John Gilbert Architects are currently monitoring a number of flats, looking at whether the project delivers the expected performance.  “We are looking specifically at whether the sunspaces contribute to better air quality and assist in heating the flat,” said Matt.  Jim Whiston, Director, Ayrshire Housing,
agrees that the system has many advantages.  "Whilst most of the benefits of the Windoor system will be felt by the residents themselves, the benefits to Ayrshire Housing will include an improved housing stock that in turn makes the properties a more desirable choice for new residents,” he said.
"The balcony enclosures will also help towards protecting the building fabric, which should reduce maintenance, keep the homes warmer, and reduce condensation risks by providing space for clothes airing.”

Limonds Wynd is a new build project comprising 22 new flats and terraced houses in Ayr town centre for Ayrshire Housing.

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 How to put a value on lifestyle by Windoor features in this month's LABM
28. February 2017

Blackley renovation improves north Manchester skyline

Northwards Housing’s 12 storey apartment block, Clifford Lamb Court, has undergone a significant £1m transformation including the replacement of 48 balconies across four stacks.  Northwards Housing is a not-for-profit ALMO that manages over 13,000 City Council homes across the North of Manchester who, in conjunction with Manchester Working, undertook the significant refurbishment project.


Northwards Housing’s 12 storey apartment block, Clifford Lamb Court, has undergone a significant £1m transformation including the replacement of 48 balconies across four stacks. 

Northwards Housing is a not-for-profit ALMO that manages over 13,000 City Council homes across the North of Manchester who, in conjunction with Manchester Working, undertook the significant refurbishment project.

The stylish balconies are a bespoke solution from our System 600 brand and the installation was undertaken by McKean Developments Limited.  We asked Stephen Brown, Director of Business and Property services, Northwards Housing about what he felt the balconies added to the project and he replied “The new balconies, as well as a major re-cladding project, have transformed Clifford Lamb Court into a modern looking and more aesthetically pleasing building. We worked closely with Windoor to come up with a solution that not only looks great, but makes life better for tenants. The new balconies have an additional side screen which better protects residents from the elements.”

Utilising the existing concrete base, the new balconies were formed by installing balcony railings and utilising a PPC aluminium perforated panel infill.  In addition, every balcony has a full height privacy screen from our System 1000 range which incorporates fixed glazing in opal laminated safety glass.  Simple and stylish, this screen allows privacy from neighbours and the wider public which means the balcony space may be used more often.  Because this screen is a full height element, a level of weather protection is also enjoyed to this aspect of the balcony.

We emphasise our ethos is to provide a bespoke solution that meets the needs and wants of our customers entirely and as a result we have developed an open balcony solution which is both stunning in appearance, practical and a quality system that will stand the test of time for generations.

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 How to put a value on lifestyle by Windoor features in this month's LABM
2. June 2016

Prime Location at CIH Manchester - Stand C4

After a very successful year Windoor have secured a prime location at the show. Visit stand C4 where we can demonstrate the success of our balcony enclosure. Use our link in this news item for your free pass.

Having completed some major projects in the last 12 months Windoor are proud to announce we will be exhibiting at CIH Manchester once again. Securing a prime location at the front of the hall, Stand C4, we will have our full size, fully functioning sample balcony for you to handle, demonstrating the versatility, quality of material and ease of use.

We have new photographs and reference sheets from some stunning new projects we have installed this past year, located countrywide from Scotland to the south of England, featuring designs and applications that will truly inspire you. Many of our projects are in the Manchester area, perfect for viewing on your way to or from the show.   

The show can be very busy, so If you would like to reserve an appointment please call John Baillie 0870 067 8810. Alternatively, feel free to drop in on the stand for a casual viewing at your convenience. 

To make things easier, you are able to pre-register as our guest. Passes are free and will save you time on the day. Obtain your entry pass from the this link

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 How to put a value on lifestyle by Windoor features in this month's LABM
2. February 2016

Balcony enclosures are the way forward

Housing in the Govanhill area of Glasgow is undergoing significant improvement due to a refurbishment programme taking place for Govanhill Housing Association.

Housing in the Govanhill area of Glasgow is undergoing significant improvement due to a refurbishment programme taking place for Govanhill Housing Association. Comprising of more than 250 homes, the programme includes diverse housing stock built over many years, including the traditional Glasgow sandstone tenements right through to more modern blocks that are just decades old.

The repair and upgrading of these properties includes Govanhill Street, and the refurbishment of a three storey block of homes. Designed by John Gilbert Architects these upgrades have not only improved the aesthetics of the exterior façade, but these improvements will benefit resident’s lifestyle through the inclusion of Windoor balcony enclosures in the programme of works.

One only needs to look at adjacent blocks which have not received this upgrade to see how underutilised their balcony space is. By enclosing a balcony it provides an additional recreational space for residents to enjoy and by installing Windoor’s system 1000 light, they have the option to fully enclose the balcony, partially open the glazing, or open it up fully when they wish to enjoy an open balcony.

The balconies on Govanhill Street were installed by McKean Developments Limited who worked alongside CCG (Scotland) Limited, the main installer on this project. 

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