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Our Balcony Enclosures are installed with a choice of glazing options: Light ​is our frameless glazing - Silhouette ​is our framed solution - Shadow ​is our framed, non-thermal double glazed option.  Some projects feature more than one design and our Combined Balconies filter allows you to see how these designs sit coherently together to provide the perfect solution.  The Open Balconies tab showcases our WinRail system. ​

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I G Smiths Alle

Built with fire safety and evacuation in mind, balconies and walkways were constructed to form part of the overall fire safety design plan.

I G Smiths Alle

Construction The façade is built of a steel structure with fibre concrete floors and ceilings. The ceilings are covered with Troltekt to improve acoustics. The upper section has framed folding glazing and there are also built-in ventilation panels. 740m² of walkways have also been enclosed which incorporate smoke evacuation. All the elements are connected to the ABA system with smoke detectors and in case of fire, vents will cool the walkways to ensure they can be used as escape routes.

Building Type: 3-storey apartment block

Glazing System: Windoor System 1000 framed 'Silhouette' and unframed 'Light'

Quantity: 77 balcony enclosures and enclosed walkways

Architect: TPD Architects

Client: A/B I G Smiths Alle

Address: I G Smiths Alle, 2650 Hvidovre, Denmark

"When I left home and had an apartment for the first time that fact it had a balcony did not really matter to me; or so I thought.  Only days after I moved in I had sat out there many times already.

I am out there to eat, read, listen to music or just relaxing.  I have even slept out there!  When I have friends or family visiting, the balcony is the best place to be.

I use my balcony almost all year.  It does not need much sun to make it nice and warm.  In summer I open the glazing wide so I can enjoy the sun like an open balcony.

In the dark and windy winter months, I have plenty of lanterns and lights above.  It provides a cozy atmosphere inside the apartment.  Best of all I do not need to clear them away, they can be always out there, I can relax as the balcony glazing protects against the wind, rain and snow."

Bellmansgade 7-37

Constructed onto existing balcony slabs, balcony glazing adds value to these homes.

Bellmansgade 7-37

Construction Inset balconies are built onto the existing concrete slab. The upper section consists of framed single glazed sliding and folding safety glass. The balustrade section consists of Opal laminated safety glass which is complete with a stylish wooden handrail.

Building Type: 8-storey apartment block

Glazing System: Windoor System 1000 with framed 'Silhouette' glazing

Quantity: 244 balcony enclosures

Architect: A4 Architects and Engineers

Client: Bellmansgade A/B

Address: Bellmansgade 7-37, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

"I see an increasing demand for quality properties with balconies that are suitable for the elderly in Frederiksberg. 

Previously it has been like finding a needle in a haystack to find a luxurious apartment with balcony.  It is not anymore.  The municipality has opened up, so today there is a far greater opportunity to implement a balcony project.  Therefore there are opportunities out there, with 7 out of 10 buyers demanding balconies in their housing search.  The apartments' value after constructing the balcony is increased by at least twice the cost of installing one."

Damtoften 9

Utilising existing concrete base which is extended to form larger balcony space

Damtoften 9

Construction Storey high balconies are constructed around existing and extended concrete bases. The upper section is framed sliding and folding safety glass with a balustrade constructed of opal laminated safety glass completed with aluminium handrail.

Building Type: 3-storey apartment block

Glazing System: Windoor System 1000 with 'Silhouette' framed folding glass

Quantity: 84 balcony enclosures

Architect: H Lindquist Architects

Client: Ringkobing Housing Association

Address: Damtoften 9, 6950 Ringkobing, Denmark

"We are all really excited about our new large glazed balconies, expecially our granddaughter of 4 years.  She lives with her mother and father in the apartment next door and is visited daily.  She loves to sit out on the balcony and play with her toys.

The balcony is our new extra room in the apartment.  We always eat on our balcony when we have guests and we sit most of the time on the balcony too.  We live near the North Sea so we experience some high winds.  When this happens we close the balcony glazing and when the sun shines we open up the glazing to give us a traditional open balcony.  This way we get maximum use from our balcony."

Linkwood Crescent

Slender framed balcony enclosures fitted to existing concrete slab

Linkwood Crescent

Construction Fitted to existing concrete slabs on the East and West elevations, enclosed balconies span from floor to floor, completely covering the existing balustrade and without the need of additional structure. The slender framed sliding, folding and opening system features powder coated aluminium frames and toughened safety glass panels, which turn 90deg inwards. Locks have been fitted for additional security.

Type of Building: 19 and 17 storey refurbished tenement blocks

Glazing System: Windoor System 1000 Silhouette

Quantity: 180 enclosed balconies

Architect: Burnet Bell Architects

Client: Glasgow Housing Association

Contractor: Mears Projects

Installer: McKean Developments Ltd

Address: Linkwood Crescent, Glasgow, Glasgow City G15 7EP

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