Balcony Accessories

A well designed balcony will be in harmony with the architectural style of a building both aesthetically and functionally.  All the Windoor balcony ranges are therefore offered with an extensive range of options and accessories including decorative features which will allow occupants to personalise their space outdoor space.

Flower boxes

These are mounted externally on the balustrade.  Purely decorative, it gives more life to the balcony space and additional pleasure to the occupant.


A choice of hand rails are available; a natural wooden handrail for example gives a softer feel than aluminium and is an attractive contrast in the design.

Privacy Screen

In a simple and stylish design, this screen allows privacy from neighbours which means the balcony space may be used more often. 

Hardwood flooring

Available in a variety of wood types, this style of flooring gives a softer feel to the balcony space than a solid floor.

Floral trellis

This floral trellis secures discreetly to the balustrade allowing residents to create their own balcony garden.


Manufactured from galvanised stainless steel this durable staircase provides easy access to the garden.