Quality is in the finer detail

A well designed balcony will complement the architectural style of a building both aesthetically and functionally.  All the Windoor balcony ranges are offered in extensive range of colours and materials with quality features and fittings together with bespoke accessories.  A sample of the range is shown below.  For a comprehensive guide download or order our Function by Design brochure. 


Supplied as a system accessory, the flowerbox is manufactured in powdercoated aluminium with pvc insert.  Fittings allow internal or external mounting. Externally mounted boxes have integral drainage.  A stylish decorative addition.



Window Boards

Can be mounted above or below the sliding panels.  Fixed with stainless steel brackets they can be in natural wood or coloured finish according to design or required use.

Sliding sunshades

Provides effective shading to the balcony and can be positioned anywhere across the full width of the balcony.  Externally mounted, the range of finishes include coloured lacquer or oiled hardwood.

Mounting brackets

Suspension fittings are available for a range of features including venetian blinds, shades, etc.  These are clipped onto the profiles without the need of screws or additional mechanical fixings.

Glass doors

It is possible to have a glass door on the ground floor.  This would allow more light into the balcony and the adjacent room.  The glass door can be supplied with the same type of locking system as a standard front door.

Glass roof

Top balconies can be delivered with a glazed roof in 8mm tinted, toughened safety glass.  The weather-proof flashing is fitted to the adjoining building.  The solution allows a good influx of natural daylight and solar gain.

Locking mechanism

All balconies are supplied with a locking block.  They can also include an additional key lock which is an effective control for parents or those occupants needing extra care.

Roof drainage

Glass roofs can be supplied with aluminium roof guttering and outlet which can be linked to existing drains or alternative outlets.

Ventilation stays

Stainless steel stays are supplied to secure the first opening glass in a semi-open position of approx 100mm.  The stays are designed to match the levers.



Top hung fanlights are used for additional ventilation.  Made from 6mm toughened safety glass they have an over centre opener.  The design ensures no interference with internal blinds.

Trickle vents

Additional permanent ventilation can be supplied by using trickle vents.  The strip is made of powder coated dark grey aluminium (RAL 7021)

Louvre panel

Powder coated aluminium louvre panels can be incorporated if required.