What are the reasons for choosing a balcony enclosure?

Deciding to have a balcony has many advantages; natural daylight, fresh air and more space.  But to choose a balcony enclosure, often referred to as sunspace or wintergarden, gives you an added flexibility and a space that can be used all year round.

A Windoor balcony can still be opened up to enjoy all the benefits of a traditional balcony.  You can still enjoy the summer sun, or balmy evenings, but you can also enjoy those days when its 'a little cold' to sit outside or maybe too windy, wet or too noisy, by simply closing the glass panels you can enjoy sitting in comfort and watching those elements from your protected private space instead.  How else do people use this space?  View Inspiration

What rewards will my balcony enclosure give me?

Save Energy

An enclosed balcony acts as a buffer zone between the outside temperatures and the inside of the home. The inside will therefore be warmer, reducing the need for artificial heating, whilst the openable glazing allows natural ventilation into the building. A truly sustainable solution, visit our next tab 'Energy Efficiency' for more information and how to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Save Money

Balcony enclosures save money on more than one level. The resident can enjoy lower fuel bills, as solar gain, natural daylight & ventilation are enjoyed. For the owner, the balcony provides protection, a secondary façade to the building, reducing maintenance costs to walls, windows and doors of the original exterior.

Create Living Space

An enclosed balcony adds an extra dimension to the living space of a home. Regardless of weather conditions, the space can be used in a variety of ways. An extra place to relax, do hobbies, enjoy meals or be on your own to study or read, the balcony is useable more days of the year than if it was an open only space.

Natural daylight & fresh air

A balcony enclosed with glass does not make an apartment darker, quite the contrary. Often replacing solid materials the natural daylight floods through the glazing & permeates the inner rooms, particularly when the adjoining door is left open. The unique system of sliding folding glazed panels still allows access to fresh air when required.

Noise Reduction

Noise pollution affects quality of life. Balcony enclosures are useful in densely populated areas, road and rail side locations and under flight paths. Noise reduction of 17db when the glazing is closed makes the space more private from neighbours & more useable.

Protection & Security

Enclosed balconies provide protection from the elements; wind, rain, hail, cold and dirt. It also provides a lockable barrier to unwanted intruders, providing security for the elderly or infirm. In addition pigeons, who are troublesome to residents and cause damage to buildings, have nowhere on the balcony to land when the glazing is closed.