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Our Balcony Enclosures are installed with a choice of glazing options: Light ​is our frameless glazing - Silhouette ​is our framed solution - Shadow ​is our framed, non-thermal double glazed option.  Some projects feature more than one design and our Combined Balconies filter allows you to see how these designs sit coherently together to provide the perfect solution.  The Open Balconies tab showcases our WinRail system. ​

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Self supporting balcony stack with steel structure and fibre concrete slab.


Construction New balconies which are made of self-supporting steel structure and project from the buildings main façade. Framed double glazed panels form the upper section. The balustrade is split horizontally and comprises clear toughened glass in the upper section and opaque toughened safety glass in the lower section for extra privacy.

Building Type: 3-storey apartment block

Glazing System: Windoor System 1000 Shadow (non-thermal double glazed panels)

Quantity: 72 balcony enclosures

Architect: TPD Architects

Client: Andelsboligforeningen Thorvaldsminde

Address: Thorvaldsminde, Vigerslev Alle 390, 2650 Hvidovre, Denmark

"Danbolig Birkerod are responsible for nearly half of the condominium sales that are being made in the city.  We are seeing great demand for apartments that have a balcony.  There are a few agents offering balconies, but often the balcony is so small the buyers consider it almost useless.

Since Ejerforeningen Lyng Castle Garden and Lyngparken opened up the possiblity of the balcony, we find that they have become the most sought after apartments in the city.  The buyers will pay a higher price for apartments with balconies and in addition they are much easier to sell.

7 out of 10 of our apartments buyers name the balcony as an important criterion in their housing search.  The apartment's value after installing the balcony is increased by at least double the expense that constructing the balcony will cost."

Andreas Steenbergs Plads

The elements are mounted on the existing balcony parapet.

Andreas Steenbergs Plads

Construction The elements are mounted on the existing balcony parapet. The upper section consists of sliding folding opening panels in 'Shadow' our non-thermal double glazed option.

Building Type: 6-storey apartment block

Glazing System: Windoor System 1000 with 'Shadow' framed double glazed panels

Quantity: 40 balcony enclosures

Architect: DAI Group

Client: Andelsboligforeningen Bering Farm Dept 4A

Address: Andreas Steenbergs Plads, 8700 Horsens, Denmark

"I have not had my balcony very long, but it is a nice extra large living room.  It's gorgeous.  It's great to get such a large balcony, as my aparment is only 58m².  I have already spent alot of time sitting out here and enjoying nature.  It gives my apartment plenty of light and air.  On hot days I open the panes and enjoy the sun.

The idea for the new balconies arose because some residents in the housing group had very small balconies which needed to be renovated.  On closer examination it was not economical to repair the old balconies due to major cracks.  So one day, in a magazine, I saw an advert from Windoor about balconies that stated you could get free advice; I called Windoor - it was so easy.

We contacted Windoor and another balcony supplier and together with the Board, visited both companies to view their balcony systems.  They were both good but due to price we chose Windoor."

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