The real focus of waterfront homes

Image courtesy Blueprint


Trent Basin is the £100 million sustainable residential development, which is part of the 250-acre Waterside regeneration area located along the banks of the River Trent. It is central to Nottingham City Council’s vision to develop new and connected neighbourhoods along the river while preserving wildlife habitats and creating new green, communal spaces.

Blueprint is a multi award-winning developer specialising in the delivery of sustainable homes and workspaces and is managed by igloo, the UK’s leading responsible real estate business.  Blueprint comprises an innovative public private partnership between Nottingham City Council and Places for People Capital.



Pete Conboy is Development Director at Blueprint:” The waterfront homes on Phase 2 at Trent Basin, look directly over the riverbank and showcase the development’s unique location. These three storey homes have been carefully designed to integrate with the riverside environment, its views, wildlife and lifestyle. To enhance that, we had to look at maximising the utility of the outdoor space year round with an all-weather solution. The Winter Gardens provide this, with sliding windows that create an effect of a conservatory in the sky for winter and a balcony for the summer - a perfect solution for all seasons.”

The idea for the Winter Gardens came to life for us when we began to research possible glazing solutions and options. A recommendation led us to Sunparadise and when we were able to see the quality of the products, in situ, at another development, we were able to push the button to realise our objective. The Winter Gardens remain a real focus of our waterfront homes and have proved to be a successful and unique selling point.”

Our unique system WD100 was the perfect solution to fulfill all the requirements of this waterfront location and we are extremely pleased to be associated with this successful development.