Balcony enclosures are the way forward

Housing in the Govanhill area of Glasgow is undergoing significant improvement due to a refurbishment programme taking place for Govanhill Housing Association. Comprising of more than 250 homes, the programme includes diverse housing stock built over many years, including the traditional Glasgow sandstone tenements right through to more modern blocks that are just decades old.

The repair and upgrading of these properties includes Govanhill Street, and the refurbishment of a three storey block of homes. Designed by John Gilbert Architects these upgrades have not only improved the aesthetics of the exterior façade, but these improvements will benefit resident’s lifestyle through the inclusion of Windoor balcony enclosures in the programme of works.

One only needs to look at adjacent blocks which have not received this upgrade to see how underutilised their balcony space is. By enclosing a balcony it provides an additional recreational space for residents to enjoy and by installing Windoor’s system 1000 light, they have the option to fully enclose the balcony, partially open the glazing, or open it up fully when they wish to enjoy an open balcony.

The balconies on Govanhill Street were installed by McKean Developments Limited who worked alongside CCG (Scotland) Limited, the main installer on this project.