Blackley renovation improves north Manchester skyline


Northwards Housing’s 12 storey apartment block, Clifford Lamb Court, has undergone a significant £1m transformation including the replacement of 48 balconies across four stacks. 

Northwards Housing is a not-for-profit ALMO that manages over 13,000 City Council homes across the North of Manchester who, in conjunction with Manchester Working, undertook the significant refurbishment project.

The stylish balconies are a bespoke solution from our System 600 brand and the installation was undertaken by McKean Developments Limited.  We asked Stephen Brown, Director of Business and Property services, Northwards Housing about what he felt the balconies added to the project and he replied “The new balconies, as well as a major re-cladding project, have transformed Clifford Lamb Court into a modern looking and more aesthetically pleasing building. We worked closely with Windoor to come up with a solution that not only looks great, but makes life better for tenants. The new balconies have an additional side screen which better protects residents from the elements.”

Utilising the existing concrete base, the new balconies were formed by installing balcony railings and utilising a PPC aluminium perforated panel infill.  In addition, every balcony has a full height privacy screen from our System 1000 range which incorporates fixed glazing in opal laminated safety glass.  Simple and stylish, this screen allows privacy from neighbours and the wider public which means the balcony space may be used more often.  Because this screen is a full height element, a level of weather protection is also enjoyed to this aspect of the balcony.

We emphasise our ethos is to provide a bespoke solution that meets the needs and wants of our customers entirely and as a result we have developed an open balcony solution which is both stunning in appearance, practical and a quality system that will stand the test of time for generations.