WinGroup invest in new IT

A new ERP system has been rolled out throughout the WinGroup, including Windoor UK Limited here in our home market.  The system is designed to optimize workflow and reduce delivery times and has been developed as part of the 2020 growth strategy adopted by the Group last year.

At Group level, sales will increase to over £100m and we continue with our aspiration to achieve 100% satisfaction with Windoor on all projects.  “This new IT system optimises and integrates the way we work, uniting all countries in the WinGroup on the same platform and makes projections easier.  Data on products and orders becomes more accessible, making order management more streamlined.”  Anders Knutson, CEO.

John Baillie, Windoor UK Limited added “The number of manual data transfers falls significantly with the new system and it unifies our way of working which will reduce time, limit human error and eradicate double handling.  Our strategy is to double growth in the next four years and this new system allows us to increase process capacity and double our order intake.”

The new system went live in May after a development project lasting one year.  It is a complex system and has taken a huge commitment but will carry us well into the future to reach our objectives.

Alongside the new IT system, the Group have been working on the introduction of a 3D environment on the technical side.  This can be linked to the configuration programme that handles all specifications of the orders’ products against production.  We aim to simplify order procedures so that our stronger and more modern platform will allow partners to be able to place orders directly on the system.

For more than three decades Windoor have developed and produced our unique system and parts. We are the largest and most prolific provider of balcony enclosures in the UK.  Our balcony system is high quality and durable; yet remains cost effective.   We pride ourselves on good service and communication.  This recent significant investment in IT technology enables us to continue with our high aspirations and standards well into the future.