Stunning Barking Road benefits from WinGroup offering

Windoor and SunParadise product features on the balconies at Barking Road.  Both comapnies are members of the WinGroup, meaning they can be installed along side each other and the products are complimentary in terms of quality, value and design.  It also means that our installers are experienced with both systems and therefore the quality of installation of the pre-fabricated products is second to none.

The frameless glazing on the 18 balcony enclosures is full height and from the SunParadise VG17 range.  They are toughened, sliding glazed panels which are installed to the outside of the WinRail balcony railings supplied by Windoor.  This gives a new dimension where from the outside the glazing forms an uninteruped facade, yet the balcony space is kept safe by the internal balustrade railing.

SunParadise systems can be installed alongside our Windoor system with ease, opening up a range of design possiblilities and functions.  You can find more informaiton on Sunparadise systems here https://www.sunparadise.com/en/