BLOG POST: Open your folding door options with a moving corner post

BLOG POST: Open your folding door options with a moving corner post


A moving corner post makes it possible to install two sets of aluminium folding doors which meet at a 90-degree angle and then fold away from one another.

A moving corner post creates the same weather tight seal to the connecting panel as a standard fixed corner post would; the difference is that this ‘moving’ post is cleverly integrated into the end panel of an adjoining set. This creates an impressive corner feature often without the need for a permanent support structure obscuring the view. This moving corner post design makes it possible in many cases to have an unimpeded path in and out of the house.

Indoor to outdoor seamless transition

In the project shown in the picture, the clients wanted to create a dining area with a year-round ‘alfresco’ feel so opted for two sets of folding doors with a moving corner post. On warm days the space can be fully opened up – removing the definition between inside and out for a seamless and flowing space. In the winter the highly thermally efficient closed doors fully protect from all weathers and maintain the internal living room temperature whilst full length views of the garden are still enjoyed on both sides. In this case the clients opted to go for a small external support, separated from the doors.

The importance of sufficient support

To avoid potential structural problems, it’s crucial that you have sufficient support in place when making plans to remove extensive areas of external wall. Internal or external structural posts may be needed or a cantilevered steel can in some cases be used to support weight above. A structural engineer will need to be consulted in-line with building regulations to calculate what is required. A high quality glazing supplier will then be able to work through the best possible design solutions to suit your project. Moving corner posts can be combined with both folding and sliding doors for impressive results, also on the market is the unique Monoslide system in which the sliding panels actually navigate around corners and stack remotely.

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